Our Firm has been providing legal services to Hungarian and international small- middle and large size corporations for more than twenty years. Our knowledge of business law however stretches back to several years earlier as the funders of the firm had gained extensive experience in serving legal entities as in-house legal counsels of international trading companies long before the start of their practice as lawyers. Several generations of our colleagues had mastered the profession in this highly supportive environment.


Our Firm carries out its activity with the cooperation of four full time lawyers and two full time junior attorneys, supported by administrative staff that consists of three people. We currently do not cooperate with partner offices, lawyers’ associations or lawyers, driven by the principal that the Firm shall practice strict control over all cases in order to ensure the highest quality of service. On specific fields of law, such as criminal law, industrial property rights, public procurements, private investigation, and in abroad (e.g. Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia) – through our well established connections – it is possible to use permanent lawyer and adviser partners upon the request of our  clients.


Our colleagues carry out their legal counsel and representative activities in Hungarian, English, German and French languages.


We provide full service to our clients regarding all issues arising in the daily operation of their companies and their investments affecting their lives. Therefore we have broad experience especially in the fields of corporate and company law; merger and acquisition; individual and collective labour law; real estate, building, facility sale and purchase transactions; investments; energetic and chemical projects; contract law; intellectual property law; debt collection; tax- and social insurance law; and full representation in litigation cases.


Our circle of clients comprises small, medium and large size corporations employing only a few, or thousands of employees, that carry out various activities, such as:


  • mining, and processing and selling of mining products;
  • investing in, assembling, insulating, and maintaining of industrial, commercial, service facilities (refineries, chemical plants, power plants, production and service facilities among others);
  • production and sales of automobiles and automobile parts;
  • production and sale of tools and machinery;
  • real estate investment and utilization;
  • construction of industrial and commercial buildings, assembly, maintenance, of their technologies, utilization of such buildings, project financing;
  • construction and assembly works in the construction industry;
  • production and sales of electronic equipment;
  • wholesale and retail trade of various industrial products
  • industrial automatization;
  • software development and testing;
  • banking and other financial services;
  • telecommunication;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


In our legal practice we always endeavour to provide full service, that is not limited to the preparation of legal opinions but also includes a complex overview with attention to the economic and legal environment in the broadest extent possible, in order to provide a solution that is cost efficient, economic and most importantly usable in practice, instead of a pure legal “analysis”. The long lasting and close cooperation with our clients provided us a deep view to the operation of the Hungarian and international small, medium and large size corporations so that we can effectively fulfil the above aim.


Due to the fields of operation of our clients, we deal especially, but not exclusively with:


  • the everyday corporate law issues of our clients, the preparation and management of the meetings of corporate bodies and their decisions, but mergers, structural changes, acquisitions, and their full legal execution, furthermore the preparation of corporate funding documents and other regulations as well;
  • the representation of employers, in labour contracts, agreements, statements, termination and collective termination of labour contracts, succession in labour relationships, collective labour issues, everyday labour (HR) and legal cases in connection with payroll issues;
  • real estate investment, green- and brown field projects, settlement of corporations with full legal support and management of the design and execution of industrial, energetic, manufacturing, logistic, commercial and office facilities and the design, assembly and shipment of the related technologies; 
  • providing legal opinion on construction, assembly, transportation, logistic and other commercial contracts;
  • trademark and intellectual property cases, with special regard to legal issues related to software products and their utilization;
  • constructive debt collection solutions, besides liquidations and payment orders;
  • corporate tax- and social insurance cases;
  • legal support and representation in cases of construction, water law licences, environment protection, licencing of premises and other licencing authority cases;
  • support in authority, court, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution procedures.


On this ground we strongly believe that we are vested with all the qualifications, experiences, and assets needed to fulfil all the requested legal services in the highest possible quality.