Large-size enterprises

We provide complex legal services in all matters and subjects that arise in the everyday operation of a firm. (


  • mining, and processing and selling of mining products;
  • investing in, assembling, insulating, and maintaining of industrial, commercial, service facilities (refineries, chemical plants, power plants, production and service facilities among others);
  • production and sales of automobiles and automobile parts;
  • production and sale of tools and machinery;
  • real estate investment and utilization;
  • construction of industrial and commercial buildings, assembly, maintenance, of their technologies, utilization of such buildings, project financing;
  • construction and assembly works in the construction industry;
  • production and sales of electronic equipment;
  • wholesale and retail trade of various industrial products
  • industrial automatization;
  • software development and testing;
  • banking and other financial services;
  • telecommunication;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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