The inner structure of SME-sector corporations

No matter how outstanding and competitive products and services the members of the SME-sector have, they cannot be productive and efficient unless they have a solid inner structure.


Corporate law structure


One of the basic conditions of the solid base of a company is the proper regulation of the management and ownership relations. This can prevent arguments between the shareholders which might lead to the end of a company, and create proper background for the succession of shares.


The same regulations can establish a responsible and efficient management system that can prevent conflicts between the interest of the shareholders and the management.


To reach this target, it is necessary to use the properly made documents, such as articles of association, shareholders’ agreements, optional and pre-emption agreements, management agreements, and perhaps testaments and agreements on marital property and property management.


Our Firm, vested with several years of experience, is capable to provide legal support to the members of the SME-sector on this field as well.


Labour law relations


Labour law relations may become very complex as the numbers of the employees grow, and work councils and labour unions are established. The inappropriate foundation of labour law relations at best can lead to losses, e.g. an inappropriate dismissal, a discriminative or otherwise unlawful action, a fine imposed in a labour inspection due to the inappropriate regulation of the waging or the working hours, or a lost labour law suit. In the worst case however it can even lead to the hindrance or suspension of the operation of the company e.g. in a strike situation.


Our philosophy on this field is prevention and the minimisation of the number of the procedures disadvantageous for the employer. Two decades of experience skimmed from the resolution of often very complex problems supports our colleagues in this respect. On this basis we can efficiently support the members of the SME-sector on any labour law fields.


Dealing with investors


It happens in the SME-sector as well that it becomes necessary to involve an investor in order to ensure the financial background or to develop the operation of the company. The performance of the company can also raise the attention of investors who are interested in purchasing it partly or even entirely.


The usual process in these cases, the privacy agreements, letters of intent, due diligence procedures, contract negotiations, or fulfilling the investor’s or buyer’s conditions can cause serious difficulties to the members of the SME-sector, their shareholders and management.


With several investment and acquisition cases behind us, our Firm can remarkably ease the difficulties of such procedures and save time and money for the company, not to mention that many times the disadvantages of dealing with a professional investor can also be decreased or even equalized by our support.




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