Being the supplier of multinational and Hungarian large-size corporations


For the members of the SME-sector, it is rather challenging to get along with the procurement system and conditions of the large-size corporations. On this field, the sector is facing serious competition.


As the legal counsel of various multinational- and large-size corporations, our Firm has become familiar with the operation of these systems and the mind-set of the procurers. On this basis we can provide support to SME-sector companies, among others, in offer requests, analysis of procurement conditions, assembling offers, contract negotiations and legal problems that may arise during the performance of the contracts.


Export activity


When the SME-sector companies expand their activities to abroad, their business and legal risks rise due to the foreign environment and legal system.


Our colleagues, vested with extensive experience in foreign trade and foreign legal systems, working in English, German and French languages are ready to provide support in evolving the conditions of the export activity (licences, settlement, tax- and social insurance issues), negotiation, preparation and conclusion of foreign trade agreements, and the resolution of legal issues related to the performance of these agreements.


Public procurements


The Hungarian and international public procurement market is a rather complex field of the sales activity. An SME-sector company intending to develop, however, cannot afford to ignore this opportunity. 


Our colleagues had gained experience on both offeree and offeror side in public procurement procedures on the nature of this market, which they are happy to share with our clients from the SME-sector.


Claim management


The sales activity can only be considered successful, if the price of the sold product or service is received by the company. The lack of adherence to payment rules, the volume of circular debt, the large number of companies under liquidation or forced termination, where in many cases, the wealth is distracted in a legally disputable manner, are well-known issues.


Our Firm is vested with extensive experiences on these fields:


  • Formulation of asset management rules;
  • Preparation of internal loan management rules;
  • Providing legal advice on secure payment methods and collaterals;
  • All forms and methods of asset collection.


We are happy to offer these experiences to the members of the SME-sector.

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